Williamson & Holmes

Tel: 020 7240 0407
Email: info@williamsonandholmes.co.uk

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Contact us

For any enquiries contact our office:

Williamson and Holmes
5th Floor, Sovereign House
212-224 Shaftesbury Avenue
Tel: 020 7240 0407
email: info@williamsonandholmes.co.uk
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Jackie Williamson
email: jackie@williamsonandholmes.co.uk

Michelle Holmes
email: michelle@williamsonandholmes.co.uk

Danica Pickett
email: danica@williamsonandholmes.co.uk

Hugo Harrison
email: hugo@williamsonandholmes.co.uk

Charlotte Watts
email: charlotte@williamsonandholmes.co.uk

For Young Performers and Children:

Carolyn Floyd
email: carolyn@williamsonandholmes.co.uk

Actors     Children     News     Contact us